Water–our precious resource

Water–what more precious resource do we have? Without our doing anything, it falls from the sky and collects in snowbanks, streams and mighty rivers, and in barrels we put outside our homes to catch some. It falls on the strong and the weak, the doers of good and of evil.

In favorable locations in the high mountains, more snow gathers in the winter than melts in the summer, forming glaciers. As meltwater from the glaciers and seepage from springs continues to flow during the summer and fall, it nourishes green plant life from the heights to the sea. It waters the farms where we grow nutritious fruits and vegetables.

As it enters the sea, it joins the world’s vast oceans, providing the medium in which the fish we eat, and the food on which they feed, dwell.

We, ourselves, must have water to survive.

This is why we must safeguard our planet’s climate by reducing our modern society’s emissions of gases which have been warming the atmosphere, disrupting weather patterns and shrinking the glaciers and snowpacks on which we depend for continued water during summer and fall.

Worldwide and locally, transportation, energy production and other activities must be made more efficient and cleaner. Renewable energy is coming on strong, and energy-saving retrofitting of buildings is becoming widespread. The good news is that, as part of the grand world which we inhabit, we are each empowered to help make this happen! If not already involved, join the push with your local Sierra Club group or other environmental organization.




About David McCoard

After earning my MS in geology I've done various things including managing the ski touring program at a small lodge in the Sierra. In 2010 I retired from Contra Costa College in California. I've always been fascinated by the mountains and nature and have spent countless days hiking, backpacking, climbing and skiing in the Sierra. The spiritual insights I've learned there have set the course for my life. Now I have time to share them and strike up a conversation.
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