After getting inspired in the posts, you’ll want to get out there yourself!

Here’s  a handy list of links for national and state parks and forests, camping, recreational and lodging facilities, hiking and climbing information, snow reports and information, and weather reports. Use these to get informed, plan trips, and check snow and weather conditions.

Below these, you’ll find links for engagement with our wide world. Issues include social justice, protection of our environment, and religion.

Parks, forests and camping

U.S. Forest Service – recreational opportunities

U.S. National Park Service – park finder

California state parks

Independent campground guide

Campsite reservations for federal sites

Alternate reservation site


Montecito-Sequoia Lodge  – secluded lodge, ski touring and summer family camp with a homey atmosphere–Sequoia National Forest

Hiking and climbing – trailhead      directions, trip reports, more

Trailhead driving directions

Trip reports

Join or announce a trip

Weather and snow reports and information

National Weather Service – up-to-date info in many forms

Snow Country – detailed, up to date national ski area reports

U.S. Forest Service National Avalanche Center – In-depth information on avalanche awareness and safety

Sierra Avalanche Center – Yuba Pass south to Sonora Pass

Eastern Sierra Avalanche Center – June Lake south to Bishop Creek

Reports from ski areas worldwide with links to websites

Driving conditions for California mountain highways

If your spiritual values prompt you to learn and act, here are some links to get you started!

Environmental—we’re part of a grand natural system.

Sierra Club

Friends of the Earth

Environmental Defense Fund

National Parks Association

Social and economic justice from a spiritual perspective—we’re empowered and called to be Jesus’arms and feet

Sojourners—group with evangelical roots, integrating spiritual renewal with social and economic justice from a biblical perspective. . Their magazine is here .

Network of Spiritual Progressives—interfaith group working to build a caring society . Its magazine, Tikkun, is here .

The United Methodist Church’s General Board of Church and Society—news, information and advocacy on a range of social issues

Immigration policy, citizenship—blessed by God, we’re  all world citizens.

Define American—a conversation on what it means to be American and how we deal with the immigration system

Reform Immigration for America—a campaign for common-sense reform of the U.S. immigration system  Here are its principles: . Here are links to organizations supporting it: .

 Justice and corrections—bringing fellow human beings back into relationship

National Institute of Justice—agency of the Dept. of Justice for research, education and recommendations for reform . A complete list of topics is here: .

Restorative justice—what it is—Suffolk University

Restorative justice and peacebuilding—Eastern Mennonite University

Death Penalty Focus—working for alternatives to the death penalty

SAFE California—a coalition of organizations working to abolish California’s death penalty

Spirituality and religion hosting the International Society for the Study of Religion, Nature and Culture–scholarly exploration of the nexus between these subjects . Here’s a sample journal article:–JSRNC(1-1).pdf  .

Journal of Management, Spirituality and Religion–journal exploring the place of spirituality in management of organizations


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