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The Earth is Moving

As we look across the landscape from a viewpoint, the earth seems to go on and on without a sense of curvature. However, we know that we actually are standing at one point on an immense sphere–much too large to … Continue reading

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Geologic time

How do I count time? I thought my four years of high school was a long time. Most of us don’t live beyond 85 or 90 years. Whole civilizations come and go in the order of one or two thousand … Continue reading

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Meadows and Lakes North of Bennettville

In the folded metamorphic rocks north of Tioga Pass, streams have carved portions of their valleys in less resistant strata parallel to the gross bedding. After tumbling out of its basin, Lee Vining Creek follows a straight valley southeast, carved in … Continue reading

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Tioga Pass Landscape

The rocks and landscapes of the Sierra have many stories to tell. As old sediments and volcanic rocks were folded into mountain ranges 250-60 million years ago, rivers carved their valleys along the NNW-SSE folds. At roughly the same time, … Continue reading

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What’s Happening to Glaciers

I’ve seen and walked on small glaciers in the Sierra–in late summer I’ve seen the bare ice under my cramponed boots and watched meltwater flow in shallow channels. I’ve peered into their bergschrunds where the ice has pulled away from … Continue reading

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Massive landslide

This morning I saw a short notice in the newspaper and followed it up. A huge chunk of mountain and overlying ice, starting near the summit of 11,200 foot Lituya Mountain in Alaska, came loose and spread itself 5.5 miles down … Continue reading

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New Zealand–final thoughts

During my month in New Zealand I saw and learned many things and had many experiences. Though they are too many to mention here, and I’m not minimizing any of them, some places and impressions stand out for me. With its beauty … Continue reading

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